We provide the following services:

Hispanic and General Media Relations

Journalists, reporters and producers work very hard and we have the outmost respect for their time. We work with clients to establish a good rapport with the media by sending only valuable material for the outlet's audience. We help our clients find the right angle for their stories and always make it interesting for the public. We do our own translations to make sure our press releases convey the same meaning in Spanish as in English.

Strategic Communications Planning

Planning a communications strategy involves a deep knowledge of the issues and our client's audience. We seek answers by researching the issues and the audience. We then help our clients choose the most appropriate communications channels, whether via public service announcements, earned media, paid advertising, grassroots outreach or any other tactic.

Community Outreach

Throughout the years we have established productive relationships with communities of color, especially Latinos, and we have earned their trust. We feel comfortable organizing meetings, conducting focus groups or organizing events in developing areas all over Chicago and beyond.

Crisis Communications

A crisis can happen anytime. We help organizations to be ready by assisting them in preparing crisis communications plans. However, if it was not possible to prepare a plan, we help with a fast response to address the issue with integrity in front of the media and the public. If you ever have a crisis please never say "No comment." Instead give us a call and we will help you right away.

Media Training

Are you ready for prime time? We can help you feel more comfortable in front of the cameras and the microphones. We can help you develop a great image and key messages and deliver them with confidence. We will give you tips for answering tough questions and practice with you until you feel ready.


A good communications plan is always based on sound research -- whether primary or secondary. We conduct focus groups with a multicultural team who can ask questions and get answers as in a family conversation. Depending on the audience, we can work anywhere appropriate -- a church basement, a community center or a research  facility. 

Communications Technology

We apply sound communications principles to help develop communications technology that benefit all people.

Translations and Cultural Adaptations 

We help clients translate materials into Spansh and make cultural adaptations. Knowing that the vocabulary has different interpretentions in different parts of Latina America and Spain, we use a vocabulary as universal as possible. We believe the translation has to convey the same meaning as the source material. One can only achieve this if one asks many questions.

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